Oral Health Toolkit for Carers

Providing training in oral health care, for carers of older residents.

The aim of carer oral health toolkit is to provide level 1 (basic) knowledge and understanding of common oral health issues experienced by older adults.

Our toolkit will provide the skills to:

  • To know what a healthy mouth looks like
  • To be able to identify oral health issues
  • To know how to complete daily and weekly checklists.
  • To know when to escalate oral health concerns

What you will learn

Healthy Mouths

The toolkit will give a clear profile of what a healthy mouth should look like. There will be lots of pictures to visualise what healthy is, in an older mouth.

Daily and Weekly Checklists

A very important part of the toolkit is assessing and recording oral health care. The toolkit utilises two different simple forms to keep track of a person’s oral health and record what oral health has been delivered

Oral Health Issues

The toolkit will break down the health of the mouth into sections and give you step by step explanations and pictures to show common oral health issues such as gum disease, decay and dry mouth.

What if there's an issue?

The toolkit will provide staff with a clear protocol of what to do when different issues are identified. This will be a step by step process supporting staff with what to do when.

Take the course now

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